40 Days for Life – Day 41

 DAY 41

Ground Zero Report – Closing Rally

Last night, Halloween night, about 120 valiant 40 Days for Lifers showed up at Ground Zero in the frigid, howling wind to hear some inspiring talks and belt out some hymns. We were there to mark the end of another remarkable 40 Days for Life Campaign in Ottawa, the fourth of these campaigns here in the nation’s capital. We heard some hope-filled talks from our ever-valiant sidewalk counsellor, Doris, as well as some encouraging words and the current news from our latest pro-life heroine, Ruth Lobo, and her struggles with the so-called authorities of Orwellian “higher education” at Carleton University.

This campaign was particularly remarkable because of the highest number of parishes and organizations (28) participating. This is important because it allows us to plant the seed in each parish for more participation in subsequent campaigns. It’s like gaining a beachhead in a war. Once we hunker down and grow the army, look out! There’s no telling where it’s going to lead.

Stan “the Man” – our fearless and shy English parish co-coordinator – has been working around the clock trying to increase Church participation. He and his parish team captains really did a job, and we are most grateful for their efforts. Another interesting stat to come out of this 40 Days for Life Campaign was that it featured the largest single day turnout in Ottawa Vigil history – 50 people showed up in the course of an hour! Can you imagine the impression and the spiritual power emanating from that?

Afterward, the vigilers processed to St. Pat’s Basilica for a Vespers service with the Archbishop of Ottawa presiding. Despite the elements, I sensed a great sense of joy and expectation. And with good reason. The pro-life movement is starting to explode around the world, and even here in Canada, there’s a palpable excitement of where we are going. We have everything going for us. Smarts, Youth (see inset: 4 young Catholic feminists, waiting to take a bite of the culture of death), Attitude, Spirit, The TRUTH, and God.

We just cannot give up. Last night during my short pep talk to the vigilers, I was met by some cackle from a little gathering of misguided young women. I simply raised my voice and indicated my perseverance in no uncertain terms. Soon after, they left.

And that my dear friends is our little secret weapon that we must not lose sight of. We have stamina and perseverance. The other side? They’ll yelp a little bit, but they can’t take the cold or the sacrifice. We can. And that’s why we’re going to win.

Holy Perseverance.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. – Gal.6:9

Ground Zero from Sudbury

As our 40 Days ended we received word that the hospital at which we had been holding our prayer vigil had not performed any abortions for the last two Fridays. It was local practice to perform Scheduled abortions each Friday. We were told by an insider at the hospital that those abortions that had been scheduled had been cancelled by those who had applied for the procedure.We had been praying during the 40 DAYS that the Holy Spirit would intervene with our brothers and sisters in Christ and move those who facilitate or pursue the ending of life before God’s intended time would comply with God’s will. It would appear that The Holy Spirit has heard us. We have offered a prayer of thanksgiving.

God Bless
Kevin M.

40 Days for Life Coordinator
Sudbury Ontario Canada

Just a reminder…

Action Life Dinner

On November 18, Action Life will be hosting a fundraising Gala Dinner ($70 per person with $32 tax receipt) to support its pro-life work. To learn more about Action Life, please visit their website here: www.actionlife.org The Gala Dinner will feature Tom Peterson, President & Founder of Virtue Media, A Minute of Education, A Lifetime of Hope (www.virtuemedia.org) Featured on EWTN here: http://www.virtuemedia.org/videos/10-50.html (short clip) Archbishop Prendergast will also be addressing the pro-life community assembled.

Details of the Gala Dinner can be accessed from Action Life’s home page or by clicking on this link:

40 Days/Pro-Life News

Do you all see what I am seeing? I think an avalanche is coming. That sweet smell of roses is the scent of victory which is coming. O dear God it is coming. We just need to keep up our prayers to hurry that glorious day!…

Dr. Jack Willke: Pope’s Vigil for Nascent Human Life “Could not be more Important”

Note To All 40 Days for Lifers – For Catholics: Ask your parish priest to make provision for a 24 hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at your parish on the date of the vigil, November 27. For Evangelicals, ask your Pastor to set aside your church for 24 hour reading of Scripture.

First Hour of Debate on “Roxanne’s Law” Takes Place in Canadian Parliament

Panic: Abortion is in ‘Extreme Danger’ Says Planned Parenthood as Election Looms

Monthly Pro-Life Radio Spot Launched by Priests for Life Canada

Ottawa Teachers and Students Motivated by “Amazing” Experience at International Conference

Time Slot Report: A Calendar Full of Colours!

Calendar Link:

Report from America:

Day 41

For Life,

John Pacheco,
Communications & Vigil Co-Ordinator
40 Days for Life (Ottawa)

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Happy All Saints Day!

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