40 Days for Life closing Vespers and candlelight vigil

Over at Deborah’s.

I couldn’t make it because of a late night fundraiser for the COP on Saturday evening.  Just too burnt out.  Good to see the closing rally was well attended. We had decent coverage throughout the 40 Days Campaign again this year with a solid number of churches participating.

The tide is definitely turning. There’s no question about it.  It’s only a matter of time.   Here’s Deacon Chuck’s remarks on the Scripture proclamation at Ground Zero. We hope other campaigns start to use it too…if only to keep safe from the violent and unstable pro-aborts who assault us.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I want to take the time to thank all who participated in the Scripture Proclamation during the 40 Days for Life Campaign this Fall.  The steering committee including myself were doubtful as to whether all 160 segments could be filled as there were so many factors to discourage would-be participants.  You have braved the cold, the rain, the noise and many distractions to make this possible.  It takes courage and faith-filled conviction for a lay person to proclaim the word of God in one of the busiest places of Ottawa at one of the busiest times.  Congratulations and thank you.  Where the Word of God is, God is, and when His Word is proclaimed the evil one will flee offering the prayer warriors greater peace during their time of prayer.  Even though the Word was only proclaimed for two hours a day, from what I am told this was likely the most peaceful campaigns we have ever had.  No one was assaulted and at no time were police needed to intervene. Have any babies been saved during this campaign?  We don’t know, but God does.  I have not heard of any successful interventions at the abortuary but that does not mean there were none.  We don’t know how many mothers the Lord touched during this campaign to choose life instead of an abortion.  We don’t know how many cancelled their appointments with the abortionists.  We need to continue as the Lord has taught us, that is, pray, pray, pray.  With God all things are possible.  He is answering our prayers as He promised.  Have faith in that.  Just in the last couple of days, we see that the charges against Ruth Lobo were thrown out of court.  Linda Gibbons was released from jail as well and her charges thrown out of court.  In the coming weeks the Supreme Court will be hearing her case and I fully expect her to win.  The charter guarantee of free speech and freedom of assembly cannot be interpreted to limit ones freedom only as long as it comports with government policy.  Please continue to keep Linda in your prayers and a favourable Supreme Court decision.  If you go to the Life Site News web page, you will see how many other successes the pro-life movement has had during this campaign.  Abortion clinics are closing, abortionists are being convicted, and governments are acting to limit abortion funding and abortion rights.  We have the momentum so this is no time to fall asleep.  Please continue to pray for an end to abortion.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and we will get there with the help of our Lord.

– Deacon Chuck.

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