40 Days for Life – Closing Rally

A few words that I offered to the rather encouragingly larger crowd assembled:

“Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Why is it, do you think, that there are those who persecute people who seek righteousness?  It is, I suppose, in one sense, a great mystery as all sin is a great mystery. And yet, if we look deeper into why abortions happen, we can see that at its root is pride, as it is with all sin. 

Pride in being the arbiter of human life. Pride in deciding who will live and who will die.  But pride itself cannot sustain abortion.  It must have an accomplice or two in order to maintain its position in our culture. 

Christian humility, of course, is Pride’s enemy.  The more humiliation there is, the less Pride can prop up abortion.  And if abortion still stands, it is because true humility has not taken root in you and me.  And why is that, do you suppose?

I think it’s because we value human respect too much.  Jesus’s sword has not separated us from our families and friends, as it should. We don’t much care for that sword.  There is a natural aversion to it because with that sword comes separation and pain.  It fashions the Cross we are to carry.  Yet that sword is not about separation as an end but only as a means — to separate us from the World and ingraft us into Christ who is all in all.  It is meant to cut us off from the Prince of this world and plant us in the Garden of Life and draw all people to it in a unity based on love and truth.

My dear friends, standing here outslide 65 Bank Street tells me that you are not so concerned about the human respect of contemporary culture as you are with human dignity endowed to us by Our Creator.  You bear within your witness your desire to be cut off from the culture of death, and to suffer the consequences of it.  You bear in your person the same Passion that Jesus suffered — albeit on a smaller scale in a different time and in a different place – ignored, mocked, assaulted, being vulnerable, helpless, humiliated. 

All these things point to the ultimate tragedy of rejection. That rejection of God’s Son on the Cross 2,000 years ago is the same rejection of the Unborn today.  The scourge of abortion is no less than the Devil’s fury against the Incarnation itself, and yet how many people in our churches see it for what it really is?

That’s why two months ago, the Holy Father said that “Every unborn child, though unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of the Lord, who even before his birth, and then as soon as he was born, experienced the rejection of the world.”

“Every unborn child has the face of the Lord.”  What a beautiful expression!

How is it, then, that the Passion of Jesus continues at 65 Bank Street and all the abortion mills around the world, month after month, year after year?  Unborn children and our teachers of religion share one thing in common.  They’re both virtually silent on the issue.  One is beholden to contemporary human respect while the other gives its life as a payment for it.
To be rejected and mocked by a stranger for witnessing to the Unborn is perhaps uncomfortable and upsetting.  To be rejected by one’s own family or close friends because of the dignity of human life takes it to a whole new level of suffering.  But it is a suffering necessary for the emancipation and deliverance of the unborn child, so the face of the Lord, the face of the Unborn might shine to an unbelieving world. 

Jesus has never sought to win this war alone.   He wants to include us in that Victory.  To include our sufferings, our sacrifices, our dejections, and our tears in the victory that is sure to come. The head is not victorious without the body.  And the body cannot claim the victory without the Cross. 

Our Blessed Lord once told his disciples: “Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?” The cup that Jesus offers us is not filled with fine wine of disordered human respect, but with the sour vinegar of rejection.  But it is not a rejection that conquers. It is a rejection that is conquered.


3 thoughts on “40 Days for Life – Closing Rally

  1. Dear John,

    Wish I could have been there . God Bless what you said. I experience exactly what you describe and to its deeper levels day in day out and would not have it any other way, for I know as Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary once said when I prayed, much sacrifice and suffering will be required, great endurance, and especially praying of the Holy Rosary, persistence ,patience and perseverance.

    What we are supposed to be doing is keeping our minds, eyes, hears and hearts firmly fixed on Jesus’ Face, on the faces of the Precious unborn, as you said and first and foremost on Him alone period. If we are not willing to put up with others’ and it will come from those we call “friends” but God will have it happen through our family members as well, often those who are closest to us, and it will make us suffer…only then will Jesus have the Victory in our dying to self for Him and His Will
    and Way alone. We must stop trying to be “eloquent”, so as to impress others(vanity and seeking to people please, sometimes, and at some levels) even, and allow the Holy Ghost to cry and speak from the depths of His Heart through us about how this is hurting Him and Our Blessed Mother,..( not to mention the beautiful babies and the souls of those choosing to commit mortal sin, may they seek God’s forgiveness sooner than late,r lest they be deceived even more and risk dying in such a state),… because these children are His and Hers, and He had plans for their lives.
    Your talk did get that across, from what I see here.

    Thanks to you and all who showed God they cared about Life if only for 40Days.
    My prayer is still for an EverydayForLife Prayer group, that continues on 365 days a year at different times during the day when it is possible for people to show up at Cavalry (65 BankSt, and other hospitals where they take place, such as the Civic Hospital for instance, as well as, perhaps outside Planned Parenthood On Riverside and Bank, where the executions are being arranged and perhaps payed for ) and that individuals from this group of prayer warriors make it a daily habit to be there in good weather and bad alone, or with others. (One is after all not really alone for, Our Blessed Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit is with us as is Our Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints and Angels).

    We should NOT have to sell the idea of standing up for Life to ANYONE, by way of certain criteria and conditions. We, especially those of us who call ourselves children of the One True God, as well as others, should have the attitude of how can we NOT be there praying until this horrendous evil of evil straight from the depths of Hell and Satan ceases and is as been said unthinkable.

    God Bless
    For Life

  2. I’m even more touched by your speech after reading it a second time. Thanking God for the gift of conversion, and praying for your family & the differences you face, tonight.

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