40 Days for Life bursts the Abortion bubble

Maria Chrunik

EDMONTON – Men, women and children stayed committed to praying and fasting for an end to abortion.

Janet MacLellan got word that 323 babies worldwide were saved as a direct result of the 40 Days for Life campaign. She also listened to a recent interview about abortion clinic workers quitting their jobs, and one clinic closing down altogether.

More than 130 communities in Canada, the United States, Australia and Northern Ireland hosted 40 Days for Life events during Lent, Feb. 25 to April 5.

In Edmonton, participants kept peaceful vigil 12 hours a day at the Women’s Health Options abortion clinic.

While it’s unknown whether her prayers and peaceful vigil at the former Morgentaler clinic prevented any abortions, she’s certain that the campaign has brought awareness to the pro-life cause.

“It’s made an impact on the area. A woman from around here didn’t know what this was. She thought it was just a women’s clinic. She didn’t know abortions were done here,” said MacLellan.

Police were called after some of the people keeping vigil spoke to the patients entering the clinic, which is not allowed.

Janet MacLellan
“We aren’t supposed to talk to the women who are going in there at all. They have a bubble zone. We are not allowed on the other side of the street,” said MacLellan, praying outside of the Back Porch, directly across the street.

That clinic staff are worried about the pro-life vigil in itself shows that the event had an impact, she said. ”When they go in there, they always turn and look at us. The staff always checks to see how many people are here.”

Janet Linge said between 10 to 15 people came out to pray every Sunday during the Lenten campaign.

Two women, at least one of whom was there to get an abortion, were given informative pro-life pamphlets, she said.

“They went back inside their car. They stayed in their car and read the pamphlets, and 10 minutes later they drove away. So one baby was saved.”

Given the number of women entering the clinic, Linge estimated that the clinic aborts about 25 to 30 babies per day, Monday to Friday.

“The last time I was here, we saved a whole day’s babies. A small voice in my head, in my heart, told me that we had saved a whole day’s babies,” said Linge.

For many of those individuals who took part in the campaign, an evening wrap-up celebration was held April 5 at the site. Women from Edmonton, Stony Plain and Beaumont prayed, and then walked over to St. Andrew’s for a brief praise and worship service.

Maria Chrunik said that the reality of abortion became real when she saw the place where unborn babies were being aborted.

“When it’s physically in front of you, it really stirs inside of my heart that there’s a real need to pray for these unborn children. This is my first time here, and I’ll probably just keep coming on my own if this (pro-life campaign) doesn’t continue,” said Chrunik.

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