40 Days for Life Begins & The Trumpets Sound

Last night on Parliament Hill, approximately 500 people attended the Kick-Off Rally to launch the 40 Days for Life Campaign.  We join now with over 160 cities across North America (including Ottawa and Halifax in Canada) to bring about the end of abortion.

Frankly, I was shocked at the number of people who came out, considering the modest attempts at getting the word out.  The crowd was rather lively, and although we were there to witness to the sanctity of human life and the tragedy of abortion, it was a festive atmosphere filled with great expectation and hope.  Even the fair lady was there.  Some of us could smell her roses.

The speeches touched on the need for sacrifice through prayer and fasting during the 40 days. That seemed to be a consistent theme throughout the evening. The speakers were challenging those assembled to take on this challenge seriously, and remarked that if we were serious about engaging the spiritual battle against abortion, then God would come to our assistance and secure the victory.

There was indeed a consensus from everyone there that something was changing in Canada.  And that this evening of September 23, 2008 will have, in the light of history, something to do with it.

After the speeches, we made our way by candle light procession – 2 by 2 – from Parliament Hill down to the Morgentaler Abortion Mill at 65 Bank Street.  It was an incredibly powerful and solemn event. When we arrived, we stood there as a group across the street from the abortuary.  We held our candles. We prayed. We sang.

As I stood there looking at the cold, grey building where babies are being butchered and women’s lives are being ruined,  my mind turned to the biblical account of the Walls of Jericho.  I looked around at the hundreds of people gathered around, and I thought to myself:  the trumpeters have arrived.

Candlelight Vigil Procession:


Angelina Steenstra – Part 1:

Angelina Streenstra – Part 2:

Angelina Steenstra – Part 3

Fr. Galen Bank:

Yours Truly:



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