40 Days for Life Autumn 2011 Campaign Begins!







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Here we go!!!!

1) News:

a) Kick Off Rally – A 40 Day for Lifer’s account of our opening rally on Parliament Hill this past Sunday Night:

Well, I just have to say that this evening was a simply powerful, most beautiful and solemn event to behold. I’m sure you would agree that each speaker gave a powerful witness and well articulated message. Everyone spoke so well. Hats off especially to Doris and Judy who truly found their full voices this evening, God’s gift to speak to all of us present. It was so moving. Marcel and friend ministered so powerfully in The Spirit (we need to also acknowledge the keyboardist next time) Their music, songs and prayers touched me deeply as did everything else tonight. The special emphasis and dimension of spirituality this year was tangible and I offer my thanks to all of you who have set the beautiful spiritual tone and context for this year’s 40 Day Vigil and Proclamation of The Word. I believe the evening was a foreshadow of the movement of The Spirit that will follow and certainly be prayerfully sustained throughout – A SPIRIT OF COMPASSION AND MERCY, UNDERSTANDING AND FORGIVENESS AND PRECIOUS HOPE FOR THE PRE-BORN AND US ALL. Let’s keep each other covered in prayer – God Bless!

– Fred S.

b) Sun News:  Sun News’ Brian Lilly asked for an interview with the 40 for Life Ottawa team.  Look for it tonight on SunNews!

c) Life Chain on this Sunday: Check out the details here and don’t miss it!

d) 180 The Movie:  In case you haven’t watched this incredible pro-life documentary which is changing hearts, here it is.

e) Education Agenda – Click here to see a brilliant ad developed by the Institute for Canadian Values. It appeared in the National Post this Saturday. It provides direct quotes from McGuinty’s “Equity and Inclusive Education” (EIE) curriculum being imposed on all schools in Ontario.

2) Time Slot Report:  We got off to a good start today and tomorrow looks full, but we need more troops for Friday.


3) THE PROCLAIMERS!:  We’re off to a very good start on the Scripture Proclamation initiative but we need more Proclaimers for Monday!  This is going to be a watershed here in Ottawa for the pro-life movement. We’re bringing out the heavy equipment to fight this war.  That’s why you need to ask the Holy Spirit for courage to proclaim the Word of God outside of Ground Zero.  Sign up today so we can hasten abortion’s demise tomorrow!

4) Report from America

5) Theme Days:

Day 1        Wednesday, September 28, 2011        Aborted Children
Day 2        Thursday, September 29, 2011           Mothers (Single Women)
Day 3        Friday, September 30, 2011                 Mothers (Married Women)
Day 4        Saturday, October 01, 2011                 Fathers (Single Men)
Day 5        Sunday, October 02, 2011                 Abortionists


John Pacheco
40 Days for Life Ottawa
Vigil Co-Ordinator

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