40 Days Ramping Up…Get Ready for Take-Off

Greetings Everyone,

The 40 Days for Life Lenten Campaign is well underway and we have many things to report….

1) Four Canadian Cities – For this upcoming Lenten Campaign (Feb.25-Apr.5), Ottawa will be joined by Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal! That’s right the 40 Days fever is catching on right across the country. We have four cities who are going to storm heaven with prayers and fasting to end this scourge of abortion. God willing, for the next campaign we will double this impressive number. 

2) Archbishop – His Grace Archbishop Prendergast has given us his full endorsement and we hope to use it as we approach individual parishes and encourage them to participate.  We hope many parishes register for the whole 24-hour days to encourage unity and solidarity as a parish community in this fight against abortion.

3) New Website – To keep up with the surge in interest in the 40 Days for Life Campaign, the National Committee has decided to join our American brothers by using their servers and web look.  Check it out here:


The Ottawa site is almost fully developed. The other sites will be update in the next couple of weeks.  This will be your central information and communication portal for the campaign. You will be able to learn about the entire 40 Days Campaign, keep up to date on “Ground Zero” dispatches (i.e. reports from the Vigil), note upcoming events, and register for your times, among many other features.

En français s’il vous plaît! – Oui!  We will also be setting up a French sister site. We already have one set up for Montreal. Click on the above Montreal link to see how it looks. You can toggle between English and French. How cool is that? Eh?

4) Upcoming Events – As new and important events are planned, you can keep up to date, by viewing the right side bar on the home page or clicking on “Events” on the top menu.

5) Daily Prayer – To build unity around a single prayer, we ask participants to recite our daily prayer every day of the Campaign.  Bookmark this link and join with thousands in Ottawa and around the country as we pray….


6) Facebook – For the facebook groupies out there, our facebook
account is….

(The link is on the website under “News”)

7) Vigil Registration & Guidelines – We have a more efficient method of collecting vigil registrations. Check out the Vigil link on the top menu.  The official one developed by our American friends still has some major glitches in it, so we have developed a home grown
Canadian solution. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than what we had last during the last campaign. Currently, only Ottawa is set up, but the other Canadian cities will be setup shortly.  Some Americans have already expressed interest in using it too!  Many
thanks go out to James K. from Winnipeg for developing it.

We are encouraging everyone to signup early and often. The more registrations early on, the less pressure there will be as we begin the campaign. In particular, please consider registering for the first week.

8) C-351 Campaign – 40 Days for Life is our intense period of prayer and fasting. However, in between Campaigns, we need to keep up the spiritual pressure on the Devil, and that’s where C-351 comes into play.  You can read about more of this idea here:

If your parish is up to joining and becoming one of the 351, let us know!

9) Calling All Parish Reps – If you were involved in the last 40 Days Campaign as a parish representative, we hope you will consider being one again!  An information meeting is being planned on Feb. 3 at St. Pat’s. Check the website for full details. Hope to see you there.

10) Donate: We want to raise more money this time around and maybe shake things up on Ottawa’s radio airwaves.  Please be generous with the Campaign. 

Regards in the Lord,

John Pacheco

Vigil & Communications Co-Ordinator

One thought on “40 Days Ramping Up…Get Ready for Take-Off

  1. Hello!

    I am very keen on joining the Campaign for Life 40day Vigil but I cannot find the place in the computer where one clicks on to register. Please give me some help with this. Thank You !

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