Gay Pride Parade Comes to St. Patrick’s Front Door….led by St. Joe’s LGBT

Invitation from Saint Joe’s LGBT and Straight Alliance—Pride parades are celebrations for everyone, whether straight, gay, bisexual, transgender or cisgender. They celebrate self-respect and dignity, and they celebrate LGBT-friendly communities that live justice, equality and compassion for all. Please help us make more people aware that St. Joseph’s is such a community, and invite more people to this nourishing and safe church where all are welcome. March with us as an ally in Capital Pride on Aug. 23. By marching, we show that LGBT people have the right to spirituality and spiritual communities that accept them as they are. Both spirituality and sexuality are wonderful gifts from God. ROUTE: The parade starts at 1 pm at the intersection of Gladstone Avenue and Bank Street. It will proceed on Gladstone toward Kent Street and then on Kent to Laurier Avenue. From Laurier, it will turn back on Bank and continue up to Somerset Street. A group of us will gather after the 9:30 am Mass and commute to Gladstone and Bank together. You are welcome to join. Look for the banner near the Welcome Table. We will go for brunch before reaching the parade. Please e-mail by Tuesday if you plan to join us for the brunch, so that we can make reservations. (Source)

And received by email….

Mr. Mayor,

There is a problem with the  scheduling oif a parade here in Ottawa. The timing of the event will significantly and negatively impact on my freedom to worship on Sunday August 23, 2015.  Moving the start of the parade from 1PM to 2PM would eliminate the specific conflict. This year the city/parade organizers decided to have the parade route for the gay pride parade go down Kent Street, passing in front of St. Patrick’s Basilica just after 1PM. What you and your staff should have known is that St. Patrick’s is the biggest Catholic parish in Ottawa, seeing many thousands of people through its doors every week. Because it is a traditional parish in a beautiful church with wonderful liturgical music, people come from all over the national capital region to worship there. There are SIX Sunday Masses – not one or two, but SIX.  They are 4:30PM Saturday, and on Sunday at 8AM, 9:30AM, 11AM, 12:15PM, and 9PM. This morning I learned that not only is the parade going to interfere with the 12:15 PM Mass, but that someone decided a Sunday afternoon parade required eliminating Kent Street parking on Saturday evening and all of Sunday morning. For a downtown parish where parking is limited, you are cancelling parking for 30+ cars for each of those Masses, except the 9PM. That is unreasonable. It will make it very, very difficult for some families to get to Mass for all but the 9PM Mass. If you are afraid people will park on Saturday and stay all day Sunday, why not mark the designated spots for church parking only, and close Kent Street to church parking at noon on Sunday? Then only the congregation for one Mass would be hurt. The timing of the start of the parade is an even bigger problem. Based on what I have seen in media reports, this is a noisy parade. In passing before the Basilica just after 1PM, its noise will intrude on the Mass as it goes by the church’s open windows during the most sacred part of the most sacred Catholic worship. Did you really intend that? It is incredibly disrespectful and discourteous, and certainly casts this city in a bad light. Today, as often happens at St. Pat’s – particularly in the summer months – after the 12:15PM Mass (which ended at 1:25PM – usual for that Mass) I met tourists who are visiting from Florida and attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Basilica. They said they have enjoyed their trip, and that the highlight for them is certainly Mass at our Basilica. Imagine what their reaction would be if they attended next Sunday!!  To put that parade on this route at this time is a bad decision from every persective – unless the intent is to insult and smack down Catholics. There is still time – PLEASE CHANGE THE START TIME TO 2PM. I would be happy to discuss this if you wish. – Mary

There is a certain poetic justice here.  If you will not fix the problem in your own backyard, the problem will move to your front yard…and then, perhaps through your front doors and on to the altar until you pay attention.

2 thoughts on “Gay Pride Parade Comes to St. Patrick’s Front Door….led by St. Joe’s LGBT

  1. The homosexuals are less than 2% of the people,who cannot naturally have children of their own, but they have politically united to have sodomy,promiscuous sex and homosexual marriage legalized,so they can use adult school teachers and homosexual activists to recruit your children in tax funded schools,as legalized so-called secular human rights. Catholics and Protestant Cults,are you more than 2% of the voting public? Are you real Christians? What have you done to our former Christian Civilization in Government,Law and Education? If you can’t save your children from schools who indoctrinate them into the tenets of Secular Humanist evil ,how then can you unite to save Lord Christ’s Church? Praying without acting on prayer is like praying to Secular Humanists to stop perverting your children in schools with your tax money.Lord Christ’s Priests and Bishops don’t lead people in the values of Sodom and Gomorrah,starting with Kindergarteners in schools,as secular human rights..

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