Duck a l’Orange

Is all this really what Pope Francis intended? He has now added another half dozen bishops to the drafting committee, forming an expanded group which will now go on to produce the next “report”: but is that an adequate response? If there is an adjustment in the reporting of the synod, it will take time: and this needs to be done quickly. Things are getting seriously out of control now. The Holy Father clearly doesn’t like being “dogmatic”: but it’s part of what he’s for, and he needs now to assert himself, for if he doesn’t, everyone will go on thinking that what has happened so far is what he wanted all along.

That’s what Cardinal Burke is now calling for, and he needs support: there’s a life-and-death struggle going on here:

Catholic World Report: How important is it, do you think, that Pope Francis make a statement soon in order to address the growing sense—among many in the media and in the pews—that the Church is on the cusp of changing her teaching on various essential points regarding marriage, “remarriage,” reception of Communion, and even the place of “unions” among homosexuals?

Cardinal Burke: In my judgment, such a statement is long overdue. The debate on these questions has been going forward now for almost nine months, especially in the secular media but also through the speeches and interviews of Cardinal Walter Kasper and others who support his position. The faithful and their good shepherds are looking to the Vicar of Christ for the confirmation of the Catholic faith and practice regarding marriage which is the first cell of the life of the Church.

“Long overdue” is a mild expression; what needs to be said is that such an intervention is needed with desperate urgency, and that if it does not come soon, this pontificate could spin entirely out of control.

The liberal clique which has seized power over the way the synod is being presented to the faithful have to be repudiated: if they’re not, it’s back to the most destructive period of the post-conciliar years. I think we should all be very worried indeed. (Source)

Well, I gots news for you Dr. Oddie….if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s a duck!

Our only practical hope is for the other ducks in the yard to step up and start quacking like tomorrow’s main course is Duck a l’Orange.

One thought on “Duck a l’Orange

  1. Cardinal Kasper should have been censured right from day one. He stoked the media months before the Synod to undermine the Church’s and Christ’s teachings and create a false expectation that the Catholic church was going to be more lax on Communion for remarried (or adulterous) couples etc. The pope as well is no stranger to using the media to spread confusion. Thank God for the faithful and courageous cardinals who are fighting back, with the Holy Spirit’s help.

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