Bishop Says D&P Funds to ‘Pro-Choice’ Groups Okay if Restricted to Good Projects

August 17, 2009 ( – One question in the Development and Peace (CCODP or D&P) story which has not yet been addressed is that of the disagreement over the question of whether it is acceptable to fund beneficial projects in the developing world which are undertaken by groups which also advocate for abortion.  Even though this consideration is central to the D&P controversy, it has never been addressed since the D&P tactic of deceptive denial has stifled debate. At least one Canadian bishop has, however, presented his side of the question in emails to those who questioned him about the situation.  This prominent bishop, who shall remain unnamed, disagrees with LifeSiteNews, but does admit the basic fact that D&P is indeed, contrary to the vehement denials of D&P and the CCCB, funding pro-abortion, or as he refers to them, ‘pro-choice’ groups….read the rest here.

Even if we were to grant the premise of permitting the funding of pro-abortion groups (which is not morally possible by the way), what about the “useful idiot factor“?   Who says the pro-abortion groups are taking into consideration Catholic principles in allocating their project funds?  I very much doubt strict controls are in place.  And if you trust pro-abortion groups, you’re a greater fool than they think you are.  I remember responding to a bishop too.  His arguments were very weak also.

One thought on “Bishop Says D&P Funds to ‘Pro-Choice’ Groups Okay if Restricted to Good Projects

  1. I cannot in good conscience give money to someone knowing that there is even a possibility of my money being used for abortion.

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