3 Day Fast For Roxanne’s Law

H/T 4MyCanada

To the battle lines, folks. This is our best opportunity yet to come to the defense of women who don’t want to be forced into an abortion. Let us pray that Members of Parliament recognize that voting for this bill is a vote for against the thugs, against the unspeakable coercion of women and for genuine women’s rights.

One thought on “3 Day Fast For Roxanne’s Law

  1. Prayer and political saintly action ought to be a way of life for believers and concerned citizens. Remembering that our Laws are passed or rejected by majority vote in our Legislatures and Parliament. Judgment waits for those who willfully do evil. Blessings to men and women of good will. We raised the age of consent in 2008. Perhaps Roxanne’s Law will come in 2010.

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