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  1. Now that you know the truth about abortion what are you going to do about it? Our governments through our education establishments have robbed the sexual standards of Western Society and it is unraveling. The lesson from history, the legacy of Darwinian Humanist Atheism and more than two thousand civilizations have proven that the family loving and defending its children is the basic unit of society on which all human activity rests. Indeed ours is unraveling from the folly of cultural engineers.

  2. True prayer leads to action. Who do you vote for? These evil Laws can only be changed by good people passing profamily Bills into Canadian Law in government. Politics is important. Please wake up from your slumber. In a democracy the people get the government and laws they want. Abortion is funded by your taxes.

  3. Evil is flourishing because good men, and women choose to say and do nothing. True prayer always leads to good works. Who do you vote for?

  4. Abortion and Gay activist MP’s horrify trafficking victim by opposing Bill-C-268 to be made into Canadian Law for tougher sentences for traffickers of children, according to todays LifeSiteNews. Former human trafficking victim Timea Nagy said,” Drug and Gun traffickers get tougher sentences than people traffickers.” In a democracy the citizens elect the MP’s who make the Laws they want. Politics is very important. Again, who do you vote for? Why do you let evil flourish?

  5. LifeSiteNews October 23, story about a radically pro-abortion Nun still permitted to be part of a Catholic religious order is scandalous. LifeSiteNews then goes on to say, Hello ?? Is anyone in chaege??
    I tend to agree with LifeSiteNews. When anti-Christs are allowed to practice evil within the Church what hope is there for anyone?
    The ladies from Madonna House came to speak to us this week. These ladies in this Catholic religious order were Pro-Life, and wonderful.

  6. “BLOOD MONEY”, says it all John Pacheco. Thank you so very much for your good work for the truth MAN Of GOD. There are too few that are willing to stand up and be counted. Where are the others?

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