28 Days on the Pill

May 27, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A documentary called “28 Days on the Pill” has been released that seeks expose the abortifacient properties of the birth control pill.  The documentary explains that many forms of birth control pills contain progesterone, which thins the endometrium, the walls of the uterus, which in turn causes it to become inhospitable to a conceived ovum.  This inhospitality may cause a newly conceived human being not to implant in the endometrium and cause an abortion…

How many babies have been aborted?  2 for every surgical abortion

One thought on “28 Days on the Pill

  1. Birth control pills are taken by many people. The side effects they cause are almost neglected. In long run they cause serious health problems. Thanks for posting such useful information.


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