Changing Hearts, Changing Minds – A Huge Success!

Action Life’s Changing Hearts, Changing Minds – held this Saturday –  was a great success with a sold-out show, starring Brian Lilley.  We had a wonderful venue (St. Maurice Church), some great entertainment (my girls and their friends danced), good Lasagna, a great speaker, and a wonderful time all around.

Brian did a great job encouraging Action Life’s membership to keep working. He stressed how important it was to keep educating the culture on the issue of abortion and traditional family values, and that politics and the law would change later.  He said, however, that it was still important for us to keep nicking away at the legal establishment, using incremental legislation to accomplish our goal.  He encouraged young people to get involved in the media to help turn the tide too.  And he peppered his talk throughout the evening with personal experiences which helped drive home his main points. 

Action Life has a new look too.  Check out their brand spanking new website here.  According to their Treasurer, one of their major initiatives is to venture into the internet with a news, commentary, and documentary channel on YouTube.  This is obviously going to costs tens of thousands of dollars every year so they’re looking for financial resources and perhaps even organizational partners in the pro-life movement to share some of the costs and opportunities.  If you know of such a group who is open to doing this, let them know!  It’s all very exciting.

All, in all, it was a great talk and a overwhelming success.  

Shout out to all of the Busters who came out too. It was a pleasure meeting you all!

Here are some pics….

Yours truly with Action Life President Robert Farley and Brian Lilley….

Brian Lilley offering his reflections….

The Pacheco girls (in the back) with a friend providing some dancing entertainment.  In the background, a projected presentation on Action Life’s stategic vision for the future….

A picture from on high….

Action Life members deep in discussion…

Founding members of Action Life from the Class of ’71.  They received a standing ovation….

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