Is D&P A Legitimate Catholic Organization?

I obtained your coordinates through a friend of mine. The reason I am writing to you is to get a clearer picture regarding Development and Peace organization. I am rather confused and don’t know anymore who to believe.
I have been a member of this organization for a very long time In fact I represent my church, the <Parish> located on <Location> at the Diocesan level. What confuses most is that this organization is supported by our Archdiocese in Ottawa and yet I hear some conflicting news. We are approaching Christmas and my pile of correspondence seeking donations is already eight inches high. I heard on the Lang/O’Leary show that one needs to clear his/her own debts first before giving donations and one need not support more than 2 or three charities.  By the end of December I lose count to what I have given and to whom. But that is not what I am writing to you about. Is Development and Peace which claims to support the works and poor of the Global South a legitimate organization. Should I spend my time and money and effort for this organization? And, is it true that this organization supports abortion? Please shed some light and educate me.
Dear “Josephine”,
Thank you for your question. Development & Peace is not a legitimate Catholic organization.  They are a leftist social justice front group that advances questionable causes like radical environmentalism and enables pro-abortion and anti-Catholic groups world-wide.  Here is the list of the pro-abortion, anti-life groups that they have sponsored in the past.  Despite repeated requests, they have still not released the names of their most recent partners because they fear closer scrutiny and transparency.  In fact, Money Sense magazine gave them a very poor rating in the past, and the Canadian government cut their funding by 64%.  You can read about it here.   They are an organization in free-fall and they have no business calling themselves Catholic in any way. 
They are a disgrace to the Catholic Church.
If you are looking for a worthwhile Catholic aid organization, I have two suggestions for you:  Chalice and Children of Paraguay. Socon or Bust supports both of these organizations completely, as they are faithful to the teachings of the Church on the sanctity of human life.  Many Socon or Bust readers support children in the developing world through Chalice, and we are currently helping the Children of Paraguay with their annual fundraiser
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours in Christ,
John Pacheco

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