2 thoughts on “Terror of CanChurch Coming To Town!

  1. The same crowd that hears you John hears Mike. They will probably treat him like they treated Ann.
    Our Parents and Teachers For Life had our Christmas Holy Day Party today, and it felt good to be surrounded by men and women who are not AWOL in This Culture War that has been raging for the minds, and souls of Canadian children,from Kindergarten. What kind of so-called democratic Christians would be AWOL in this Culture War politically at the ballot box which has turned Canada into Sodom? We prayed and sang. The Nicolaitans have earned their eternal reward. I hope they change their minds and join us.

  2. Teachers for Life prayed at this dinner. Do they always make at least a sign of the cross before a meal; in a restaurant; alone, or with others who don’t ? Please, always do. I do, alone or with others who don’t. Evangelize ! Near every church should be a religious statue, for people to pray there, alone or not, at least once a year. I pray there once a week(good weather) a rosary;hang sign “Whether glad, sad, or wary,stay a while,say a Hail Mary”. How about spreading such act, by having a religious statue near every church. Travellers thru the land should see this sign everywhere.Start evangelizing in Canada !

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