One thought on “200,000 Protest Fake Marriage

  1. Thank you John for posting this.
    It is good to see such a large group stand up for traditional marriage . Oh, Would it be that way here in Canada’s capital especially as well as all over the country, on the issues at hand that matter.

    I always wondered why it is not when the we see such organization via social networking from the other groups, such as “Occupy” that people do not rally in the same way.

    Surely apathy is not that great amongst Canadians, who call themselves Catholic/Christians. Which unfortuantely leaves other reasons, the scariest being, people just do not care enough for 1- God, and 2 – their fellow man, in real charity, and the legacy they would leave the next generation, what there is of it, that is, after we subtract the hundreds of thousands lost to abortion and other ways,(intro-vitro fertilization, starvation of the poor, inferim, and aged in the institutions we like to call “nursing homes) and also, those, lost in the not so the not so hidden ways in this present culture of death, there is one examnple I will cite , being the recent news regarding, a called “inquiry”, concerning a poor young woman, who got lost in the “criminal”,
    “correctional” system ,that led to her into a hellis,idownward spiral, which in turn culminated in her being videotaped, (while as she was attempting in the only way she knew, in last ditch desperate attempts to get help), while she died of strangulation , as the guards watched and waited till she breathed no more, before entering her cell.
    We all know ,, rather, can probably, and rightfully presume just how much truth will result from this “inquiry”.
    Sorry to veer off topic, but …if people only cared
    for what matters. God and the lives of others, not only our own, we could move mountains by oraying the Rosary and moving people to right action according to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother
    Mary, so we could please Our Heavenly Father, God.

    Lord Have Mercy
    on us and all the souls in Purgatory

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