2-Child Only Policy Coming to the Philippines

I was just watching EWTN and they were reporting that the Philippines’ legislature is debating a bill that would mandate a “2-child only” policy.  The cost of transgression?  A fine of 50,000 pesos and a 6-month jail term.

The chances are 50/50 that it will pass, too.

In case you’re wondering, Planned Parenthood is responsible for pushing this legislation.  Their money-making machine in the U.S. is under real threat, and therefore they have turned their sights on other markets.

Now that abortion and contraception are being exposed for what they are, business is going to suffer tremendously.  So instead of keeping up with the mantra of “choice”, they’ve switched gears and dropped the silly euphemism. It’s now an all-out forced abortion for money racket where they can jackup their abortion business by forcing women to abort should they dare to have more than 2 babies.

If this is not the most brazen form of sexual imperialism, I don’t know what is.

Now, more than ever….

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