‘180’ breaks 1.3 million views while ‘thousands’ tell of pro-life conversions

But the most fascinating thing about 180 is not its popularity, but its impact on pro-choice audiences, he says. “The amazing thing is that people who watch it, change from pro-abortion to pro-life,” said Comfort. “We have received thousands of emails from people, many of whom have changed while watching the movie.”

One public high school student in West Virginia wrote in an email about how 180 helped change her entire class’s mind about abortion. “This past week in our civics class we were writing essays about laws that we wish would change in America. After seeing this video I choose to do mine on abortion, and how I wished it would be illegal,” she wrote. (Source)

Holy smokes!  We’re making some real gains.  Get yourself a camera and ask a few good questions.  Change the world.

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