The Bishops and Leadership

The controversy surrounding the distribution of funds to pro-abortion groups around the world has really struck a chord with me.  Thankfully, a number of Bishops have issued measured and cautious statements supporting investigations into the activities of Development and Peace.  Unfortunately, it has taken some courageous individuals and one news organization in particular to point out what the Bishops should have known for a long time.  It is no secret that D&P has not exactly been cheerleaders for the life of the unborn.  It therefore would have been wise for the Bishops conference to have employed at least one pro-life activist to oversee the activities of this organization.  In fact, any organization that receives funding from the Catholic Church should be subjected to regular reviews and oversight.  This would ensure that the funds are not being directed to groups that oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Shepherds must ensure that wolves in sheep’s clothing do not mix with the flock.

In addition, we seem to have things backwards in the Church today.  The laity, in many instances, seem to be better teachers and shepherds than the Bishops.  The wishy-washy, lukewarm responses by many of these successors to the apostles are almost cringe worthy.  Yet at the same time when I read a story by or rebuttal by fellow Catholics, I find my self saying, “why don’t the Bishops say this stuff?”  When it comes to contraception and abortion, many Bishops, to put in politely, are missing in action.  Sure, some may release timid statements reaffirming the Church’s teaching on life and the family, but what I wouldn’t give to hear a Bishop shout from the rooftops that certain behaviours are intrinsically evil and that those who promote, encourage or practice such behaviours put their souls and the souls of their neighbours at risk.

Some of the Bishops seem to be aware of my concern and are starting to join the fight, but many others need to stop taking the Rodney King ‘can’t we all just get along’ approach when dealing with the culture.  It is not easy taking a stand, but I have little doubt that the Bishops would be surprised at the support they would receive if they would just boldly speak the truth.   

– Chris Beneteau   


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