15 Quotes from Cardinal Ratzinger’s Letter to the Bishops on Homosexuality

4. “There inevitably follows a loss of awareness of the covenantal character of the union these persons had with God and with each other. The human body retains its “spousal significance” but this is now clouded by sin. Thus, in Genesis 19:1-11, the deterioration due to sin continues in the story of the men of Sodom. There can be no doubt of the moral judgement made there against homosexual relations. In Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, in the course of describing the conditions necessary for belonging to the Chosen People, the author excludes from the People of God those who behave in a homosexual fashion.” (Source)

Someone should school Michael Coren on the correct understanding of the sin of Sodom….and the team he is now batting for:

The Deceitful Propaganda
9. “But she [the Church] is really concerned about the many who are not represented by the pro-homosexual movement and about those who may have been tempted to believe its deceitful propaganda. She is also aware that the view that homosexual activity is equivalent to, or as acceptable as, the sexual expression of conjugal love has a direct impact on society’s understanding of the nature and rights of the family and puts them in jeopardy.”

3 thoughts on “15 Quotes from Cardinal Ratzinger’s Letter to the Bishops on Homosexuality

  1. Nice post. Michael Coren should read #10 and pay close attention to the last sentence:

    Deplorable Violence

    10. “It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech or in action. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the Church’s pastors wherever it occurs. It reveals a kind of disregard for others which endangers the most fundamental principles of a healthy society. The intrinsic dignity of each person must always be respected in word, in action and in law. But the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered.”

  2. I have written Catholic Answers and the Catholic Register asking them to reconsider their relationship with Michael Coren. In the meantime, I will keep him and his family in prayer. He is a terrific
    writer and was once a conscientious Catholic.

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