Development & Peace: Still Clinging to the Social Justice Religion

Nothing has changed over at D&P.

They are still funding pro-abort groups.

The guy in the mask is laughing all the way to the bank this Christmas and Lenten season….thanks to the bishops of this country and us useful idiots in the pews.

I guess this group wasn’t one of the “two” the CCCB identified as problematic.

Was it all PR? As of today, it sure looks like it.

Business as usual.

D&P is still under Socon or Bust’s interdict. Send them no money and keep telling people that they are supporting pro-abort groups…which is the truth, of course. I wonder if the lapdog press is finally going to stop being the “yes men” of an inept, irrelevant and/or corrupt hierarchy. We’ll find out in the weeks and months to come when we get rolling with another Lenten campaign. I can almost guarantee that we will have, at the very least, 2 or 3 pro-abort groups still getting money. And I can also almost guarantee that sweet jack all will be done about it too because the “renewal” can only go so far, after all.



One thought on “Development & Peace: Still Clinging to the Social Justice Religion

  1. Question: What’s in your D&P envelop each year? – Nothing. Well, maybe a note saying I give to and other Catholic charities that truly do not give one sad loonie to organizations that do evil, if only indirectly, while doing good but only do a moral good.

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