107-count criminal case begins against Planned Parenthood in Kansas

Planned Parenthood is taking a beating these days, not the least of which is the potential cut to their $300+ million funding from the federal government.

Now there’s a bold prosecutor who’s bringing tons of charges to court.  Very interesting.  Read about it here.

One thought on “107-count criminal case begins against Planned Parenthood in Kansas

  1. More of our citizens must get involved in this Culture War that we find ourselves in politically where our Western Civilizations Laws are made. Jesus calls us friends. If you really are his friends why have you kicked him out of Law, Government, Education in Western society and allowed the Court and Government decree of Politically Correct Relativism in His Place? We must get many more new recruits in this Culture War that we find ourselves in. Our diabolical enemies are getting their recruits from Politically Correct Relativism taught and enforced by Supreme Court decree in our Education Establishments to everyone. Without our people joining this Culture War and helping us our diabolical enemies have planned to and are overwhelming us with sear numbers of new recruits every day, as Canadian Students taught Politically Correct Relativism join them as a way of life. It is very well to talk about what one Legal Culture Warrior is trying to do by himself, but he needs citizens to stand behind him. He is fortunate that he lives in a country where he can speak at a university without Politically Correct Relativism rioting to stop him.
    Professor Tom Landers himself helped a friend win a Supreme Court Order against a fiend in Canada. It took about six years of what is called due process. We need help in Canada. The flood gates of recruits to help us has not materialized as Tom Landers predicted after we stopped 2005 bad Supreme Court Law, and Government Legislation that made a loop hole in Canadian Law that allowed Canada to be a legal playground for Sex Traffickers and Pedophiles. Tom and friends plugged this loop hole in Canadian Law in 2008. We need help.

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