One thought on “100,000 Flags for the Unborn on Parliament Hill

  1. It was so beautiful to see this. IK had to wonder also, could Our Prime Minister be considering something different as regards opening discussion about abortion. Thank You all who made this happen and allowed it on Parliament Hill, and mostly Thank You God, and Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary for this awesome display, as bittersweet as it is. The fact there was a memorial of sorts on Parliament Hill is tantamount as far as I am concerned. Can you imagine Obama considering this in front of the White House?. I can’t. If it is political, which I doubt , you are on the right track.
    If Prime Minister Harper only could get it. He would have so many voters on his side if were to run again, BUT…. MOST importantly he would be obeying and pleasing God if he did the only right thing, in re-opening the debate once and for all and stopping the killing of babies in the womb from said killing not being considered criminal, and in the end that is all that matters.

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