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  1. Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity about the year 307,and made Christianity his State Sanctioned Worldview.Before this Christians were persecuted and murdered for sport by government decree.Church was parties of persecuted Christians who were edifices for the Holy Spirit,and not buildings.Pagan Rome had buildings of worship for every worldview like today’s Multicultural Democratic so-called neutral Politically Correct Secularism.

    Emperor Constantine changed this when Christianity became his State Sanctioned worldview starting about the year 307.Pagan Rome had many worldviews and edifices of worship,as todays worldview of so-called “neutral” Democratic Politically Correct Secularism has.This evil form of Paganism became Western Civilizations State Sanctioned Worldview starting in 1962,by claiming to be “neutral”,and the Western Democratic so-called Christian voting public fell for this lie hook,line and sinker. Before “neutral” Secularism became The Western Civilizations State Sanctioned Worldview-Religion in the mid-1960’s school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,and Sex Education was dating,Courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.

    The choice still is the worldview of Christ or Barabbas. By choosing So-called “neutral”Democratic Politically Correct Secularism the Western voting public have been convinced to devolve our society back to The tenets of Pagan Greece, and Pagan Rome.

    Now Real Christians are again persecuted by so-called “neutral” Democratic Secularism ,and themselves are edifices of The Holy Spirit.

    • You’re absolutely right, Citizen.

      Just go to any CBC board or left-wing “neutral” website, and read the comments: In their arrogance, they are now committed to the cause of eliminating Christianity from public office. The NDP recently is campaigning to remove tax exempt status from any church that will not perform SSM ceremonies, even though when bill C-38 was acclaimed into law, they promised us that no church will be force, coerced, or intimidated into performing SSM ceremonies against their faith. Yet another lie!

      They’ve already started the campaign to remove Christians from owning or operating private businesses, and their ability to defend themselves from so-called “anti-discrimination” suites by homosexual bullies.

      Next, they will ask if Christians have a right to own a business. A recent New York Times editorial claims that it’s the Christians’ fault for not making “the right choices”, you see… No one’s forcing them to do anything, they claim, except to “follow the law”.

      Sound familiar?

      They were saying the same thing about Jews in Germany during the mid-1930’s.

      “Those who refuse to learn from history…”

      And you are correct. These lies all started more than a half-century ago when they started by removing religious practices, like prayer, from the schools. Now look what they’ve replaced prayer with in our public schools!

      The left has been lying to us for more than 50 years — longer if you start the clock at the beginning of the progressive movement more than a hundred years ago. Who knows when it will end?

      I’ll tell you when. When Jesus returns to put a stop to all this insanity.

      • This is from GOPUSA.I agree with them that it is far past the time for the ones who call themselves Christians to politically stand for their beliefs,and elect or rum for office to become the majority Traditional Family Values people in Government,for our childrens sake.When J.P. or our other “REAL”Catholic friends run for office the majority of the pew potato’s and the ones they follow vote for the politicians who pass rotten Bills into Canadian Law.We tell them that Secular Catholic/Christian is an oxymoron. There is too much political apathy.Homosexuals who are less than 2% of Canadians and who cannot naturally have children of their own have politically united to normalize their behavior to innocent,impressionable, schoolchildren from Kindergarten.What sort of people politically allow this?

        “Time for Christians to stand up for beliefs.”

        image Columnist George Will points out that Apple’s openly gay CEO, Tim Cook, “thinks Indiana is a terrible place. (But) He opened marketing and retail operations in Saudi Arabia two months before a man was sentenced to 450 lashes for being gay.” World Magazine reports that Cook has recently been in the United Arab Emirates negotiating on behalf of Apple, where homosexuality is against the law and the penalty is death.

      • Totalitarian countries practice in brainwashing their citizens,starting in the schools, etc. All Communist and Christless so-called “neutral” Secular Countries do this. They rewrite the textbooks to fit their ideology,by misrepresenting the facts. This socially engineers the society against The Totalitarian States political opponents.
        In the Christian West we thought that schools above all ought to be engaged in the pursuit, and discussion of the truth until, The New Worldview/Religion of Secularism was accepted politically and legally starting only in 1962.

        Christians were also persecuted for their values in Pagan Rome, by government decree until Constantine became Emperor about the year 307, and declared Christianity as The State Sanctioned Worldview.So-called “neutral” Secularism only became Western Civilizations New State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion starting in 1962 in Government, Law and Education with it’s Politically Correct ideology, which has brought our society here.

        All sorts of Pagan practices started to be normalized by this so-called “neutral” variety of Secular Paganism. Too many so-called Christians and Clergy have bought into this Pagan Secular Politically Correct so-called “neutral”ideology.Western Christian Democracies have been carried off when they converted to so-called “neutral” Politically Correct Secularism,as The Divided Kingdom of Israel was when they converted to Paganism. Only righteous Canadian citizens political unity, and political action can democratically correct this imposed Pagan tyranny.

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