$10 Can Save A University

Hi ‘Busters!

Thanks for everyone who has donated thusfar to the Socon or Bust fundraiser for the Carleton university students who are pushing the envelope on forcing our “higher education” to face the ugly truth about abortion. The “authorities” are also concurrently facing the ugly and inconvenient truth that they really don’t believe in free speech or expression, the very foundation of a secular university; its very reason for existence.

Your donation is much appreciated and you’re not even getting a tax receipt for it. You should be proud!

But we are only half way there to our goal of $2500. The campaign lasts until Friday.

Socon or Bust is upping the ante on our own personal donation to the fundraiser.  We’re doubling our pledge from $100 to $200.

Catch us if you can!

Even if you can’t afford triple digits, how about $10?  $10 is a lot of money if a lot of people donate it.

$10?  Isn’t that the price of an expensive cup of coffee these days?  Last time I was in a Starbucks, it almost cost that.

$10 for the unborn.

Go on, hit the Donate button near the bottom of our Fundraiser Page.


$10 can save a university. It can save a whole country.


John Pacheco
Socon or Bust

One thought on “$10 Can Save A University

  1. I would like an address to send my donation for Ruth Lobo. Please send it as soon as possible. I do not want to use my credit card on the internet for this. I would prefer to send a cheque so who would I make it payable to. Thanks

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